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Wellness Exams

A wellness examination is a complete physical examination that is done on your pets while they are exhibiting no signs of illness. The goal of a wellness exam is to prevent disease in its early stages before any noticeable symptoms begin. Therefore, wellness exams often include blood work, urine test, and a fecal test for parasites.


Vaccination is one of the best ways to protect your pet from infectious diseases. Updated vaccinations are a highly effective way to prevent many common diseases like distemper, rabies and parvo infection.


We provide a wide range of surgical procedures from spays and neuters to advanced surgeries. If a more complex surgical procedure is needed, a surgical specialist can be called in or the patient is referred to a surgical specialty center.


Our dental cleaning procedure includes complete ultrasonic scaling and polishing. We will reach out to you for any necessary dental extractions.

Diagnostic Imaging

We have a digital x-ray machine that takes state of the art radiographs. We also have the capability to send the radiographs to a board certified radiologist for interpretation. In addition, we are able to provide ultrasounds at our facility with a board certified radiologist.

Humane Euthanasia and Cremation

We offer humane euthanasia and creamtion services. We provide professional and a gentle touch with a caring hand, which is crucial at such a difficult time for families and their beloved pets.


For your convenience, we maintain a complete inventory of medications. We carry flea, tick, and heartworm preventatives to keep you and your pet safe throughout the year.


A microchip is a permanent method of electronic identification. Microchip implants are a simple, inexpensive and effective way to find lost pets.

Drop-off exam

We offer drop-off exam for clients who cannot stay for exams.

Health Certificate

Accredited by the USDA


Dr. Cho

Dr. Cho was born and raised in Korea. He graduated from Jeonbuk National University, College of Veterinary Medicine, and completed his clinical rotations at Kansas State University.

His interests include surgery, dentistry, preventive medicine and client education.

Dr. Cho's goal is to treat his patients as members of the family, ensuring that clients are well informed and comfortable with the decisions made regarding their pet’s care.



As a Veterinary technician, Eduardo has dedicated his time to help pets in need. Eduardo has been in the Veterinary field for 4 years now and plans to one day becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. He started his Journey of being a technician in Korea Town where he learned most of his training, to now becoming the main technician at Ciel Animal Hospital here in Hawaiian Gardens. He has always taken the best care of every pet that has come into our general practice, and will always give the best advice he possibly can. Eduardo has one pet at home named Lexi that has been with him for 6 years now. 


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